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that we are open to

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cooperation, and two in the old Burma-Thai "Safe Passage" joint anti-drug operation has achieved fruitful results promoting the maintenance of the region, especially in the Mekong River Basin security played a significant role, such action should be continued. "We do not want a lawsuit, but the banks have to prove that we are open to the court!" When they heard Mr. Gao couple say this requirement, the filing Beijing Fangshan Court judge froze for a  nike air max 2015 salemoment - to prove  Court judge issued only instruments when to start a new business Originally, the couple's only son, Mr. Gao hospitalized due to an accident, and fell into a coma. The old couple want to withdraw money to pay high medical expenses from his son's bank account, but do not know the password, although submitted this account, such as a birth certificate and proof of filiation hospital diagnosis proved the bank is still flatly refused, but was told that the bank must to Court to remove his son open a proof of deposit accounts. In desperation, the old couple can only come to court for help.In recent years, as Mr. Gao couple of such cases are not uncommon. Such as: the depositor's death, his heirs at death certificate or only one undisputed heir eligibility conditions, household, proof of identity, heritage and other relevant documents without

 undertaking to the bank deposit claims, disputes and other equity instruments When the bank refused to handle the relevant business, and asked the court must first depositor's heir instituted inheritance disputes; part of parents want their children to get married before to own property in their name to their children become marital property transfer their children, parents and children of this There was no dispute, and agreed to issue a free gift houses, responsibility of undertaking or agreement and other documents, but the relevant authorities still refuse to handle real estate transfer procedures, they must go to court require the separation analysis of production donation contract dispute or disputes, and so on. In these proceedings, judgments or mediation legally force the court to become Mr. Gao couples who want to get the "proof"!Court to exercise judicial powers to settle disputes places. Under normal circumstances, the court proceedings should be involved in the dispute parties. And Mr. Gao couple litigationnike air max 2015 womens   , and not in any dispute between the plaintiff and the defendant, there is no need to court proceedings, but because of certain departments or agencies without legal basis "internal requirements" have to spend time, effort, resources to participate in the proceedings until after the

court issued the referee to get the documents in order to handle the relevant business in these sectors.It is understood that the reason for the formation of such non-contentious litigation, of course, is due to handle the relevant business departments or agencies in order to protect the interests    nike air max 2014 womens  of customers, the customer's money and avoid impersonator, or household management to avoid disorder, but people in the business bid Materials provided sufficient proof of certain facts, and the absence of any conflict situation still requires its lawsuit, in the final analysis because these departments or agencies feared for the relevant business process review, approved the bid documents submitted material To increase their workload, increase their liability, based on the audit are more likely to bear the potential risks caused by the subsequent conduct of the proceedings, such as may be encountered bid submitted false evidence, or because the audit error led to a complaint or prosecuted. So hope the above obligation to pass the necessary audit court to court documents valid judgment or assist in implementation of the notice and other legal instruments, the audit itself as exempt obligations, liabilities amulet. Ministry of Housing, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance

effective integration of socia

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Province has gradually break the ice from the policy level.Henan Province to encourage social forces to enter "an accepted," the big platform. "Social organizations involved in social assistance, can play its diversity of specialized assistance services provided advantages, the effective integration of social resources, so that vulnerable groups get more help." Henan Province, the Home Office, the official said, in the future, Henan will improve related tax incentives, to encourage and guide social forces to help set up the project, the    nike air max 1 cheapfounder of the service organization providing volunteer services, etc., to participate in social assistance. Governments can also delegate, contracting, procurement, etc., the appropriate social assistance services, the transfer of power to the community commitment.First visit to Asia before he took office after opening, the US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter on the 6th to the US "rebalancing" strategy "next phase" in the title speech. Deployment of "sophisticated" weapons, strengthen alliances and partnerships for development, and to promote the "Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement" (TPP) is the next three policy pillars.Carter said that China and the US is not a "zero-sum relationship" can achieve win-win situation. He acknowledged that Sino-US relations

 "complex", both the competition, but also cooperation, but "strong and constructive US-China relationship is essential to global security and prosperity."Carter the day at the University of Arizona State University, the Institute of McCain delivered a speech to introduce policies "rebalancing" of the Obama administration's strategy for the next phase. He is scheduled for 8 to 10-day visit to Japan, South Korea, visited US troops stationed in the two countries. This is the first visit to Asia in mid-February, he served as Obama's tenure since the fourth dnike air max 90 hyperfuse cheap  efense minister.Carter said he would personally oversee the next phase of "rebalancing" of the implementation of these policies will enable the United States to get involved in the Asia-Pacific affairs. "Deepen and diversify." The Associated Press said that Carter's speech seemed designed to make Americans more to make US allies in Asia believe that the United States will remain committed to Obama in 2011's "return to Asia-Pacific."According to the speech, the next phase of "rebalancing" First, the United States will continue to invest to adapt to future military capabilities,

especially in Asia, "the complex and ever-changing," the security environment-related, including the development of high-end weapon; plus rapid runway repair, etc. big investment, so as to enhance the viability of the US military in a crisis; continue to develop new weapons such as guns, the development of space warfare, electronic warfare capabilities.The second area is to strengthen US alliances and partnerships in Asia Pacific. Carter said he will discuss during his visit to Japan a new version of "Japan-US Defense Cooperation Guidelines" will elevate the level of the US-Japan security cooperation to a new height, into new anike air max 95 sale  reas such as space and network; to strengthen the ROK during his visit to South Korea to North Korea deterrence. Meanwhile, the US will build trilateral security cooperation, such as Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia and strengthen cooperation on maritime security, promote information-sharing agreement signed by the United States and South Korea. In addition, the United States will work with Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, India and China to develop new partnerships.The third area is to expand trade relations. Carter said that in his view, the United States initiated and led the "Trans Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership" is "another aircraft carrier" and

confidence-building measures

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military operation of mutual confidence-building measures notification mechanism" and "sea air meets the security code of conduct." He said this year the two countries will "dangerous air-encounter" to formulate guidelines for safe behavior, he will work more and more extensive measures to build trust in Sino-US.Text  Hu Ruoyu (Xinhua News Agency feature articles)LinkJapan intends to "new developments" write pointernike air max thea womens  DefenseJapan, the "new situation" write a new version of the draft, "Japan-US Defense Cooperation Guidelines," the use of force in self-defense forces will relax conditions for lifting the SDF activities, geographical restrictions.Japan and the United States is scheduled to be held on the 27th of this month foreign and defense ministers level meeting in Washington to determine the content of the new defense cooperation guidelines. This will be the first time since 1997 the two sides revised the document.Japanese media reported on the 7th, the new version will be made to strengthen bilateral defense cooperation, the lifting of geographical restrictions cooperation to achieve "normal" to "emergency" and "seamless."The existing Japan-US Defense Cooperation Guidelines range is divided into three cases of cooperation, namely the usual, surrounding Japan "emergency" and the Japanese armed

attack. The new pointer is divided into four defense matters, namely the so-called normal state of affairs, including the extent of the attack force has not reached the "gray zone" situation, an important influence events, the survival of a crisis situation and armed attack situation. Japanese media said the new category abolition of the "surrounding situation" concept, in fact, the scope of activities of the Self-Defense Forces "to expand the global" war activities are taking place in the region beyond. Beijing, April 7 (by Yuan Yue) newspaper headlines launched on the 7th, "" four "secretary Gu Wenchang," the report, while the allotment Commentator "smell Pigu and thinking good will" and long communication. " one kind of life Manshan Casuarina - Gu Wenchang's lifetime thing behind the name, "reported by a large number of vivid reproduction of the story details Gu Wenchang ex  nike roshe run sale  traordinary life. People 3:30 particularly recommended in big headlines, and the first time launched the "" four "secretary Gu Wenchang" H5 version. 7 o'clock in the morning, the media microblogging, a lot of letters and client forwarding, Xinhua, Sina, Netease, Phoenix, etc. have reproduced. The majority of users of the "four" secretary Gu Wenchang expressed deep nostalgia, users have a message point of praise, praise Gu

Wenchang is "Jiao style of cadres."Valley of the public is a monument to the hearts of the peopleUser Chelan 1130: dry facts are most people, the people who most dormant sweet!Wu large wooden users: just get down to work for the people, and to abide in a praise!Chinese netizens Professor Steven: did not attend the dinner, three articles devoured. After reading, I remembered Jiao, Jiao Gu Wenchang is the type of good cadres. People's Daily reporter grassroots create such a good article, but also a guide. Must point praise!Fans friends after eighty: Gu Wenchang has passed away 34 years, he said: "People do not save the suffering, the Communist Partynike roshe run mens    to do!" Tells the communists fundamental purpose of serving the people. Communists created many unprecedented glory, but to serve the people of the banner is always moved. Gu Wenchang learn to do a seed of life!Users have changed: You centuries feelings, monument my mind.16495 users meteor tears: Google public, the party's good son, the people who benefit.User Preferences Select ONE: The real revolutionaries, the real communists!Tai'an City User: good officer! This is the Chinese people, who live to do, is to do good for their families, the state contribution to a force, to create a better future for generations to come. Selfishness meaningless!Luohe

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